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 Capt. Derek really enjoys helping people learn more about fishing, especially kids. Teaching the next generation about conservation and the sport of fishing is essential to ensuring the sport of fishing will be around forever. Over the past 7 years, Capt. Derek and his wife have been instructors at the Bass Brigade camp, part of the Texas Brigades program. Each year they have 24 kids between the ages of 13 and 17 come and spend a week learning about fish biology, conservation, management techniques, fishing and leadership development.

Capt. Derek grew up fishing almost every day. Now as an adult he is trying to give the same opportunities he had to any kid who is willing to take time out from this fast paced world and mission is to empower high school youth with skills and knowledge in wildlife conservation, land stewardship, team-building, communication, and leadership to help them become ambassadors for conservation in their communities. Texas Brigades host camps not only on fisheries, but also on waterfowl, white-tail deer, quail, and ranch management.

 At Bass Brigade the cadets are taught by leading biologists from Texas Parks & Wildlife , Texas AgriLife Extension Service, industry leaders from the private sector, and professional anglers Gary Klein and Trait Crist. The cadets get hands on experience sampling fish using electrofishing, seining, and traditional rod and reel techniques. They identify each species captured; learn its anatomy and its role in the aquatic ecosystem. Cadets leave camp with a strong understanding of fisheries and watershed management principles.

 Throughout the camp cadets compete with each other and in groups, and are rewarded for their hard work with prizes including fishing related items, fishing trips, gift cards, and other outdoors items. The cadets who go back into their communities and spread the conservation message are rewarded by back to camp as assistant leaders and scholarships.

 After serving at Bass Brigade the last several years, Capt. Derek and his wife have been selected to lead the newest camp in the Texas Brigades family, Coastal Brigade, which will have its first camp in Galveston in the summer of 2016.  This camp will focus on the coastal resources  in addition to all of the conservation, leadership development and angling topics covered.

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Please contact me if you are interested in attending the camp or if you would like to support the camp in any way. Email me at Thanks for your support and interest.

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